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Still getting this blog thing off the ground, but I'll try to have something figured out soon. At the moment,  you can count on the recent images link on the left to be regularly updated with suspected examples of the covert aerosol operation,  aka chemtrails,  as it appears from out here in Oakland. I reserve the right to be proven wrong, but some of this activity sure looks suspicious to me. Normal contrails??  You be the judge. I will gather the info and present it here. I do not plan to give daily weather reports for Oakland right now, but spray days will certainly be documented whenever possible. Other than that, who knows?

Random clues will be posted whenever possible. Stay tuned for more trouble...

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Getting Acquainted With Your Guinea Pig Status

There is nothing to protect the average citizen from any form of human testing by its government. In fact, to ensure we have no legal protection they have simply made it legal. Review US law and you'll see. Subsection A giveth, Subsection B taketh away.

TITLE 50 > CHAPTER 32 > § 1520a
Restrictions on use of human subjects for testing of chemical or biological agents


The covert aerosol operation we're witnessing is probably multi purpose, but it's obvious the eventual public admittance of such an operation is going to be centered around climate management, weather modification. ALL SIGNS POINT TO THIS. To illustrate, check this out:

7/28/06 Science Daily: Shoot Up And Cool Down: Fighting Global Warming By Injecting Sulfur Into The Atmosphere

2/22/08 Science Daily posts another story a year and a half later, citing work from the same researchers as in the 7/28/06 story. The title of this one says it all, it's like we're being primed one step closer to acceptance on a psychological level: Can We Offset Global Warming By Geoengineering The Climate With Aerosols?

Exploring the geoengineering of climate using stratospheric sulfate aerosols: The role of particle size
Aerosols produced in the lower stratosphere can brighten the planet and counteract some of the effects of global warming. We explore scenarios in which the amount of precursors and the size of the aerosol are varied to assess...

4/24/08 - New study, National Center for Atmospheric Research involved:
Stratospheric Injections to Counter Global Warming Could Damage Ozone Layer


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