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Still getting this blog thing off the ground, but I'll try to have something figured out soon. At the moment,  you can count on the recent images link on the left to be regularly updated with suspected examples of the covert aerosol operation,  aka chemtrails,  as it appears from out here in Oakland. I reserve the right to be proven wrong, but some of this activity sure looks suspicious to me. Normal contrails??  You be the judge. I will gather the info and present it here. I do not plan to give daily weather reports for Oakland right now, but spray days will certainly be documented whenever possible. Other than that, who knows?

Random clues will be posted whenever possible. Stay tuned for more trouble...

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Rainwater Lab Tests For Metals, Results

I tested Oakland, CA rainwater on two dates, 01/25/08, and 01/21/09

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mmem700 said...

Did I read that right? 150ug/L

That's amazing. I am having symptoms when chemtrails are sprayed that are identical to mercury toxicity. If you would contact me at admin@globalskywatch.com and tell me more about this test and how it was collected, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!