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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Up to 24,000 deaths a year in California are linked to air pollution

Particulate pollution. Read the article for clues, such as ... " rates of heart attacks, strokes and other serious disease increase exponentially after exposure to even slightly higher amounts of metal or dust". That's right - METAL. Chemtrail activists have long warned that barium, aluminum, and other metal particulates, VERY FINE particulates, are being released into the sky by aircraft (and perhaps by other means as well). So, is the evidence mounting?

5/22/08 LA Times article begins:

As many as 24,000 deaths annually in California are linked to chronic exposure to fine particulate pollution, triple the previous official estimate of 8,200, according to state researchers. The revised figures are based on a review of new research across the nation about the hazards posed by microscopic particles, which sink deep into the lungs....

Read entire article here:

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